Putting the indicator on helps you get there faster!

Motivational Speakers | Business Coach | Progress Performance Putting the indicator on helps you get there faster!

Putting the indicator on helps you get there faster!

It was a typical Friday afternoon – traffic starting to get a little crazy – and I was (unusually for me – not!) just a little schedule-challenged.

As I headed up the hill towards a key intersection, I flicked my indicator on – well ahead of when I needed to.     I watched myself do it, laughed at my own impatience, and then realized I actually did think it would help me get there faster.

I don’t think for one minute that it really did – but I felt as if it did.  I felt as if I was actually almost there, just by flicking that lever, and I relaxed a little.

Before you label my thoughts as totally irrational, think about it.  How often have you done it? Maybe not quite the same, but something similar?  Or similarly weird?

Seriously.  Signalling intention can really help us to feel as if we are well on our way, clarifying in our own minds the direction in which we are going.  We know now through neuroscience that the more we think a thought, the firmer and clearer that thought becomes.  There actually is a purpose to all the rumination we do at times.  Signals and intentions help us to know where we are going.  They provide Clarity.

A real bonus is that our signaled intentions help other people to know where we are going.  They can then support us or get out of our way.  If they choose to block us off, we can curse if we must, and get over it, or get creative and grow through the process.  (And don’t tell me you have never cursed on the road, please!)

Even better.  In my early management career, when the foundations of positive psychology were being laid,   I heard these words:   The whole world stands aside for someone who knows where they are going.   At the time, I knew it applied to my friend, employer and mentor Paul Terry.  I watched as the crowds parted in front of his Clarity, commitment and certainty.  And I learned.  I’ve used the same strategy in business myself, and I’m using it again right now.

Do you know where you are going?

Do you have your indicator on early?

It just might help you get there a little faster!  Let me know what you think?