Profiling and Psychological Assessment

Any good business consultant will tell you, people make a business

Every individual’s drives and goals are different. As a business leader, this can be difficult to accept, but it’s necessary if you want to foster a strong team. You need to encourage your team to grow with your business, and they won’t do this unless you give them a good reason. What are their psychological needs in a work environment? What are their values and goals, and how can they be applied to the workplace? What are their concerns, and how can you help manage them?  You need the answers!

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What is a profile assessment and how can it help your business?

A profile assessment (or psychological assessment) is a diagnostic tool used to learn more about individuals and their personal strengths and challenges. The results of these assessments can inform a range of decision making processes in the workplace, including: potential management talent and possible development and promotional opportunities. You can also use the results to reorganise your organisational hierarchy, or the distribution of work in your business. These assessments should not be used for recruitment or selection, but instead for optimal leadership and talent management.

Progress Performance International conducts profile assessments for businesses on the Gold Coast and the rest of Australia. Our online assessments assess workplace temperament and probable behaviours to help you get the most out of your team. Post-assessment, we compile individual reports for each member of your team and offer customised, confidential counselling to each assessed individual. We’ll help them tailor a development plan according to their personal abilities and challenges, so that they can contribute more to the workplace.

Is there value in obtaining a profile assessment for each member of your team?

At Progress Performance International, we believe in the people behind a business. To become a competent and confident business leader you need to understand the personal needs and strengths of your team for optimal management.

A profile assessment of your whole team is an extremely useful tool for future business growth and practice. Our assessments are valuable for all businesses, from small Gold Coast teams to large national corporates. If you want to know more about our services, get in touch.

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