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Do you really want more of the same?

With the same challenges, or the same opportunities for doing different that you don’t actually take up?   Or do you really want the world you lead in to get better, to take off, to get the results you aimed for when you last committed to your goals?

So get ready.  You have to have guts to get going.

  1. Look at where you are STUCK.

Make a list of everything you currently believe about your work or whatever area of your life you seek to lead.  Everything.  Even the obvious.  Now, beside each statement, decide if it is an actual fact or an opinion that you hold.  Be ruthless and honest.  You will be surprised.

  1. Now STOP.  Notice your attachment to the way things are.  You want to defend your opinions.  That’s OK – they got you to where you are – and that’s good!  But you know the deal – opinions can be changed.  And it’s what you currently believe that is keeping you where you are, trapped in habits, fears, expectations – and limitations.  In order for us to stay sane, it’s essential we defend our opinions and beliefs – or so we think.  It’s actually only when we are able to question them, and discover the real truth about who and what we are, that we actually become sane and discover our former insanity.
  2. The next STEP is just that – design some steps around your newly discovered flexibility, that are right for you to expand some – only some – of those opinions.  Don’t plan too much – do a few things a bit differently and everything else will fall into place.   Baby steps actually work best.  The mind’s defence systems – including our essential and beloved reptilian brain – are perfectly designed to preserve homeostasis, to protect us from the danger of sudden change, including that of our perceived identity, our comfort zone.  Take it easy and fool the little lizard!
  3. Watch the STICKY fingers.  We do like to hang on to stuff.  Little addictions to the way things are, or the way we think they should be.  Question everything!  It doesn’t mean your opinions were wrong before, or that your conclusions and actions have been inadequate.  They were excellent – for then.  And this is  now.  When you can see further, you can go further.  If you want to.  Just as we don’t drive the same model car all our lives, we are not expected to drive our lives through the same belief systems.
  4. Find the STILL POINT.  Move to your Quiet Zone frequently, that’s where the answers are.   Here you can find alignment with your values, with your heart’s drive, with the real energy that lives in you, that wants you to bring your magnificence to full manifestation.   If you don’t think you have one, it’s actually inside your own body.  Find somewhere Quiet (the bathroom usually works for me), close your eyes and focus on your breath going in and out of your nose over your filtrum – the piece of skin between your nose and mouth.  Just breathe.  Give it a minute.  Or two.  Your world will change.  Allow yourself the time to just be with yourself and your wisdom will take you where you need to be next.
  5. So get excited, and start STEAMING!   Seek professional  coaching or mentoring if you want to, follow it with your own discretion and discernment, and get going!  One change a week is a good idea.  And keep reviewing, challenging, questioning.   My son used to wear a T-shirt that emblazoned “Challenge Authority”.  I flinched at first glance (because obviously I was the Authority) but then nodded and smiled.  I want him to continually think of better ways.  That’s Leadership.  And that means never accepting the status quo.

To preserve the alliteration, you might need some STAMINA, STRENGTH and STRICTNESS.  Or you could choose to do it easy!  As you move through these steps you will create miracles!  And miracles have to be Beyond Belief, or they’re not miracles. It’s leading beyond belief.

I can’t wait to hear from you as your life and business evolve to the level you deserve.