Cultural Analysis

A Progress Performance business coach can help you learn a lot more about your business culture

Every organisation has different priorities, internal operations and methods of doing business, which determine who they are and how they are perceived by others. All the practices and factors that make up a business, create a business ‘culture’. Put simply, a business culture is the set of beliefs, values, norms and rules by which a business functions. For a business to succeed, business leaders must ensure that all employees and team members contribute positively to their culture.

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What is cultural analysis and what can it do for your Gold Coast business?

A cultural analysis, is an assessment of your business’s culture and its underlying beliefs and behaviours. At Progress Performance International, we believe that cultural analyses are an important part of establishing and growing businesses. Before we carry out a cultural analysis, we will ask business leaders to outline their intended business culture. Following this, one of our team members will conduct qualitative interviews with a selected staff sample, using our diagnostic process.

These findings are then compiled into a written report, summarising underlying fundamental beliefs and behaviours present in your business. We will then look for similarities and discrepancies in the outlined and existing culture and recommend specific remedial action to reach desired outcomes. A business consultant will then help you develop improvement strategies.

Do you need a cultural analysis for your business?

Many business owners give up. Not on their business, but on their people. Building a business is hugely rewarding, but so is building your people. Our experienced mentors are equipped to uncover the unvoiced internal issues of your business, while uncovering priority solutions. Clients frequently express surprise at the depth of findings, as well as the practicality, simplicity, affordability and effectiveness of suggested solutions.

Over the years, Progress Performance International has helped hundreds of businesses strengthen their teams by creating a unified and consistent culture. So, whether you’re based on the Gold Coast – or elsewhere in Australia – we can help you create a strong business, backed by a culturally united team.

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